Four Seasons Hotel Singapore has announced the launch of a collection of Hypoallergenic Rooms in January 2021 which will offer allergy-friendly in-room environments beyond hypoallergenic pillows and bedding. The rooms are designed to minimise the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC), with each Hypoallergenic Room cloaked in breathable wall-covering by Sangetsu which is certified to contain anti-fungal and low VOC properties. Hardwood flooring, tight woven fabrics and roller blinds minimise dust accumulation and mould growth, with all main upholstery fabrics and blinds being Greenguard Gold-certified as low VOC. Elsewhere, air quality in the Hypoallergenic Rooms is enhanced with the installation of UL-compliant ozone-free needle point bipolar ionisation (NPBI) and UV systems, and further improved with portable HEPA and UV air purifiers to filter the air for continuous sanitation of air conditioning systems for treatment of odour, VOC and air particulates.

Even the bath amenities offered in the Hypoallergenic rooms differ from the usual L’Occitane products offered in the regular guest rooms. Instead, guests are provided with The Rerum Natura amenities from GFL Skincare, a European cosmetics and hospitality amenity company. Dermatologically, clinically and nickel tested, vegan-friendly, free of mineral oils or silicones and enriched with natural and selected ingredients including organic aloe vera gel, botanical extracts and organic botanical oils, The Rerum Natura plant-based remedies are created to enhance wellbeing, with the liquid amenities being free of parabens, isothiazolinones, sls-sles, gmos, silicones, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colourants.

While the lack of a strong loyalty programme and curious absence of an executive lounge reduces much incentive to return to the hotel, it is rare that a new room category is introduced in a local property, and it would be interesting to find out just how different a Hypoallergenic Room is from the hotel’s regular rooms and suites in terms of the overall guest room experience. I’d mark this under “might try someday”.

The Rerum Natura Bath Amenities, Hypoallergenic Room (Four Seasons Hotel Singapore).

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
190 Orchard Boulevard
Singapore 248646


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