Assorted crabs at Brizo Restaurant & Bar’s ‘Crazier About Crabs’ Buffet, which runs from 1 April to 28 June 2015. Essentially, the dinner buffet comprises of 22 types of crab dishes (e.g. Premium Crabmeat Fried Rice with XO Sauce, Crabmeat Kueh Pie Tee etc), 26 kinds of seafood and a brand new star dish ‘Crab in a Pan’ cooked to order with three types of European sauces – Mariniere, Bouillabaisse and Cioppino.

Wednesday to Thursday:

Adult: $68++
Child: $34++

Friday to Sunday:

Adult: $80++
Child: $40++

Free flow top-ups:

Champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks: $45++
Wine, beer and soft drinks: $35++

Anyway, there’s an early-bird exclusive of 20% off Crazier about Crabs buffet dinner for anybody who’s interested to try this buffet from 1 April to 12 April 2015. Simply call Brizo at 6593 8855 and quote the promo code ‘(larvitar)_earlybird20%off’ along with your desired reservation details.

Alrightey, now that the preliminaries are done and dusted…notable features of the buffet are as follows:

Assorted Crabs - BrizoBlack Pepper, Heavenly Fragrance and Salted Egg Crabs. At the get-go, it must be stated quite emphatically that the star of the show here shines bright like a diamond, possessing a delightful natural sweetness and the softness of a Lionhead rabbit, with shells which are very easy to destroy for access to the crabby goodness within. On that basis, the crabs are certainly worth the price of admission.

Having said that, save for one notable exception, the buffet experience is comparable to an attractive young girl trying on different types of makeup from Mummy’s dresser. Her inherent beauty means no amount of bad or improperly applied lipstick or mascara can actually make her look as foul as an unshowered gap-toothed zebra, but different makeup does produce varying levels of attractiveness.

The black pepper crab was disappointing – it appears to have forgotten its own purpose in life, being only feebly peppery and instead choosing a path of great sweetness. The salted egg crab was reliable but fairly predictable, and I found myself spooning the sauce on its own into my mouth more often than actually applying it onto the crab. The Heavenly Fragrance crab is deceptively named – despite the reference to heaven, it’s actually more of a brinestone and red-fork tail affair as the sambal-esque sauce had a sinisterly fiery edge that you only realise once your lips experience the pleasingly tingly numbness. Shiok.

Crazier About Crabs Buffet - Brizo Restaurant & BarThe fancily-named X.O. Steamed Crab in Egg White looked really exquisite sitting in a dim sum steamer basket, but apart from being all Lust, Caution-oriental photogenic it was largely forgettable.

Crazier About Crabs Buffet - Brizo Restaurant & BarThe slightly spicy Brizo Signature Chilli Crab delivered exactly what was promised on the label – nothing more, nothing less. Indistinguishable from any of the other notable crab places, which isn’t a bad thing at all for a buffet crab. The mantous deserve social influencer contracts for being absolutely motivational and engaging.

Assorted Crabs - Brizo Restaurant & BarIndian Chilli Flower Crab Masala. My favourite of the night – the gravy here plays like a cross between assam fish head and prata curry, and the crab thoroughly soaks up the spicy curry fabulousness with gusto, wearing its honorary sari and bindi with swag.

Aggregate score: 3.8/5

[Tasting courtesy of Brizo Restaurant & Bar and Park Hotel Group.]

Brizo Restaurant & Bar
1 Unity Street
Park Hotel Clarke Quay
Singapore 237983


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