smoked salmon


Sea-ly eggs from Gastrosmiths – smoked salmon, pickled nori, chilli oil. Essentially soft slices of smoked salmon soaking lazily in kopitiam-esque soft boiled egg. Elsewhere, the chilli oil would cheekily engage you in a game of Where’s Wally. 3.7/5 Gastrosmiths 103 Beach Road Tan Quee Lan Street Singapore 189704

Hot smoked salmon, potatoes and concasse of tomatoes from the tearoom savouries menu at Mad About Sucre. The warm salmon slab masterfully redefines your IKEA-stemmed understanding of how smoked salmon should taste and feel, while elsewhere the hand-mashed potatoes surrender yieldingly in buttery earnestness. 3.9/5 (It would be remiss of…

Sweetcorn fritters from Super Loco – hot smoked salmon, jalapeño, lime creme, jicama chilli salsa. Essentially carrot cake with added corn kernels, served with a generous portion of cooked salmon and loads of other strong smelling and flavoured friends. 3.8/5 Super Loco 60 Robertson Quay #01-13 The QuaySide Singapore 238252

Salmon Scramble – smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, salmon roe, toasted multigrain bread. Who knew dry multigrain bread could taste so good when toasted to a crisp? The eggs were nicely fluffy and the salmon elements enjoyably salty, but the serving size could probably feed one quarter of a boy undergoing…