The UTW (“Under Ten Words”): Playful visual gimmicks belie the quality and passionate creativity involved.

Summary: Non Entree Desserts introduces a limited period National Day menu for the month of August 2017. The two items – Bo Bo Cha Cha Avalanche and the Nasi Lemak – are fun buzz releases before their next big menu rollout in October, which will be their fourth menu after their original (sample item: “Rubber Ducky”), retro-themed (sample item: “Bak Chor Mee”) and on-going “Urban Garden” menu (sample item: “Koi”).

Nasi Lemak - Non Entree DessertsNasi Lemak ($14.90) – coconut “nasi”, pandan mousse, gula melaka sauce, kuning fish tulip, ikan bilis with lightly salted peanuts, yogurt mango hard boiled egg. The shallot-centric kuning fish tulip was outrageously savoury but binds the nasi lemak concept together rather brilliantly with a nice bow, whilst elsewhere the mound of coconut “rice” hides a secret within.

The Bo Bo Cha Cha Avalanche ($13.90) – taro warm lava flowing onto coconut crumble, crunchy almond nougatine, virgin coconut gelato – plays like a glorious, rich love letter to Orh Nee (yam paste), with the crunchy tapioca cubes and coconut crumble offering teethly jollies.

Grade: High B3 to low A2.

Non Entrée Desserts
204 Rangoon Road
Hong Building
Singapore 218451


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