Confit Duck Leg with Waffles - Cheek by JowlConfit duck leg with five spice caramel, cucumber and waffles from Cheek by Jowl. The decidedly Body Combat-esque and delectably charred duck leg shredded with a most effortless poise, the vivacious and refreshing greens tarted things up Vietnamese-style and the earnestly understated, crispy and buttery waffles launched a warning salvo that will likely leave pretenders and wannabes with their legs in the air like it’s a Baygon advert – but the revelation here is the five spice caramel, so deliriously exhilarating it spins you right around like a spicy, Chinese, Yomeishu-herbal and honey-sweet record. 4.4/5

Confit Duck Leg with Waffles - Cheek by Jowl

Cheek By Jowl 
21 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069620


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