Cotton-Pop Waffle with Ice Cream - Bunny and PonyCotton-pop waffle with lavender honey and earl grey & fig ice cream from Bunny and Pony. Essentially the perfect funfair/pasar malam-themed date night dessert for lovey dovey couples. The waffles were sweet, soft and crispy on the outside, while the consumption process for the cotton candy may prove to irk (or excite, if you’re an evil dentist) given how they stick oh-so-gluely to utensils. Elsewhere, the earl grey is fairly milky (with actual fig within!) whilst the lavender honey is like a loving tribute to toilet air freshener. 3.7/5

Cotton-Pop Waffle with Ice Cream - Bunny and Pony

Bunny and Pony
Blk 1 Changi Village Road #01-2000
Singapore 500001


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