“W” (watermelon, hazelnut dacquoise, vanilla chantilly cream, rose cream) from Two Bakers. A bite of the crunchy watermelon releases gratifying hydration, whilst elsewhere the sticky, nutty hazelnut dacquoise pouts as it bats its eyelashes flirtatiously at your jaw. 3.9/5 Two Bakers 88 Horne Road Singapore 209083

A juicy, beefy new offering from McDonald’s…or the Macaron Burger (a large chocolate macaron with a chocolate ganache ‘patty’, apricot ‘cheese’ and white chocolate ‘lettuce’) from Antoinette’s newly-launched Fetish Chocolat menu, an indulgent chocolate extravaganza which lasts from now until end October? Antoinette (Penhas Road) 30 Penhas Road Singapore 208188

Truffle soba from Two Bakers. The soba was made appealingly salty and fragrant by the sauce and seasoning with the truffle being as light as a mynah’s roadside abandoned feather with its touch, never being too heavy-handed with its usually militant agenda. Elsewhere, the succulent portobello mushroom squirted its juices…

Laksa Pasta from Druggists – linguine cooked to al dente and tossed in laksa rempah. The dryly wet linguine generated gentle flames, but left virtually alone on stage to carry the performance it was more meek meow than Mariah melisma. 3.3/5 Druggists 119 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207547