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A good dish at La Ventana (fun fact: owner Carles Gaig also owns the one Michelin-starred Restaurant Gaig in Barcelona) would be the Carabinero Paella ($34) – carnaroli rice with calamari and carabinero prawn. While I was busy snapping a picture of the paella, Salaryman was busy salivating over a Spanish server hovering nearby.

“He could totally amuse my bouche,” Salaryman panted.

“Ehhh, this is not a French restaurant lah. The sauce tastes quite sweet right? A bit like carrot cake black sauce.”

“More like soon kueh sauce. That man is Samfaina specimen. He could Fideuà with my Chateaubriand for sure,” Salaryman mumbled, wetting his lips as he read the menu.

“Quite a bit of calamari also. The prawn damn big leh! Tastes like lobster. Suck the head, so much zhup.”

“Oooh, you’re dirty. Suquet. I wonder how big his Carabinero is,” Salaryman whispered conspiratorially as he unbuttoned his V-neck shirt and smiled coquettishly at the server.

Rating: 4.027/5

Carabinero Paella - La Ventana Singapore

La Ventana Singapore
16A Dempsey Road
Singapore 247695


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