Ladies’ Night Special - KPOLadies’ Night Special at KPO, which is available on Wednesdays from 5pm till late. Priced at $88 nett and suitable for 4-6 ladies, the high tea set includes a variety of homemade savoury and sweet items such as mini brioche chicken sliders with sriracha sauce, mini brownies with ganache and caramelized cornflakes, mini earl grey crème brulées and gruyère thyme gougères with smoked salmon.

Ladies’ Night Special - KPOBeing a partnership with Strongbow Apple Ciders, the Ladies’ Night High Tea Special also includes a selection of natural apple flavoured ciders (Gold, Red Berries, Elderflower, Honey, or Draught) as well as unique Gold and Red Berries crystal jelly shooters. The Elderflower was not as floral as I had hoped and the Honey was my favourite, the honey taste unmistakably coming forth at the end of your sip and lingering on your lips. As for the shooters, they possessed a slight bitterness and while being fairly mild and harmless to a degenerate drunk like myself, should be suitably naughty for the ladies.

Ladies’ Night Special - KPOWhile the high tea special is a novel and quirky concept, KPO does offer more interesting night time nosh on their menu that excite the salivary glands than the little petit bites here. However, the ciders and jelly shooters are undoubtedly the leads here and should provide a nice M18 alcoholic distraction on a Wednesday night – naughty enough to be fun without being too hardcore for wretched Thursday mornings.

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of KPO.

1 Killiney Road
Singapore 239518


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