Photo 23-4-15 7 17 47 pmSignature breads from Crown Bakery & Cafe: (from top) Kaori Ciabatta, Crown Bread and Hainanese Chicken Bread.

Kaori Ciabatta: A soft, fluffy bread that tastes like a cross between mee chiam kueh (peanut pancake, without the peanut) and Chinese white honeycomb cake (白糖糕) from coffeeshops. Went delightfully well with sweet jams.

Crown Bread: The most conventional tasting of the lot, the Crown Bread (which is shaped to mimic the laurel in Crown Bakery’s logo) comes in red wine fig, cranberry & cherry, bacon cheese & mustard and chocolate flavours. Delivers what is promised, without much excitement and enthusiasm.

Hainanese Chicken Bread: This bread is made from chicken soup, skinless chicken thigh, garlic, ginger and shallots, and served with garlicky chicken rice chilli sauce. The addictive bread, which includes soft chicken chunks, has a tantalisingly fragrant whiff of chicken rice and goes ridiculously well with the chilli, which is all spitfire sassy and tangy with a slightly vicious spicy kick. Warning: may subliminally influence your next meal to be chicken rice.

Crown Bakery & Cafe
557 Bukit Timah Road
#01-03 Crown Centre
Singapore 269694


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