Assorted Macarons - Bonheur PatisserieAssorted macarons. The flavours are as follows (clockwise from top):

Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Earl Grey Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Thai Iced Tea, Rose, Peppermint Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Yuzu, Salted Caramel, Pistachio.

The first thing that struck me was how tantalisingly fragrant they were. Your nose is not required to make kissypoo with the macarons in order to detect their various scents. Instead, the fragrance pulls you in with its allure from afar and somehow intensifies whilst in your mouth, almost as if each chew facilitated an additional engineered spritz of pheromones from these temptresses. Look no further than the Earl Grey Milk Chocolate, Strawberry and Rose , who are most guilty of this wantonly sluttish behaviour.

The Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Salted Caramel pulled no punches and delivered exactly what was expected from their labels with a dogged assertiveness, like they wanted to mark their territory with one leg in the air. The Peppermint Milk Chocolate was essentially a more Disney interpretation of After Eight chocolates, whilst the Dark Chocolate was ice cream-esque in texture and possessed a smouldering cocoa bitterness. The Pistachio would surely please pistachio fans – it was a mischievously nutty and creamy little runt, made with 100% pistachio paste. Once you dispense with the shell of the Thai Iced Tea macaron, the filling melts on your tongue into what tastes like a cross between Thai milk tea and traditional Teh.

My personal favourites were actually the fruity ones – the Strawberry was well-balanced in its tartiness and sweetness whilst the Yuzu had a startlingly refreshing citrusy zestiness that, for a fleeting moment, made me forget it was a macaron in my mouth.

Despite the fact that the shells were not particularly airy and some macarons had a tougher texture than others, the nuance and sophistication of flavours here make these little perfumed puppies great treats for the sweet-toothed, and essential tasting for lovers of macarons…and that’s coming from a person who spoils himself silly on Pierre Herme at least twice a year. 4/5 (aggregate score)

[Macarons courtesy of Bonheur Patisserie.]

Bonheur Patisserie
200 Turf Club Road
#02-06 Pasarbella, The Grandstand
Singapore 287994


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