Truffle Soba - Two BakersTruffle soba from Two Bakers. The soba was made appealingly salty and fragrant by the sauce and seasoning with the truffle being as light as a mynah’s roadside abandoned feather with its touch, never being too heavy-handed with its usually militant agenda. Elsewhere, the succulent portobello mushroom squirted its juices at an indecent velocity and the egg offered the obligatory flowy titillation. 4/5

Two Bakers
88 Horne Road
Singapore 209083


Shawn began documenting his food experiences since he started reading Law at the National University of Singapore. Initially he turned to food for solace from the rigours of university life, and food eventually became his safe haven away from the horrors of legal practice. However, it dawned on him one day that he has become sufficiently enlightened about the magic of discovering new and good food. Thus, he joined Burpple, a company with which his goals coincided - to help people decide what to eat. Secret Life of Fatbacks is an extension of Shawn's Instagram account (@Larvitar). For intellectual property reasons, he is unable to name the website anything related to the titular Pokémon character. Feel free to ask him in person what "Fatbacks" refers to. Shawn is not a professional food critic, food blogger or food photographer. He is simply a guy who loves food very much and (likes to think that he has) a quirky sense of humor. He enjoys combining them in his writing, and hopes to put a smile on some faces along the way.

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