Pandan Chicken Burger - Collective BrewersPandan Chicken Burger from Collective Brewers – 48-hour chicken marinated with fresh pandan and spice on soft toasted sesame burger bun and served with fries. The very exotic-looking pandan chicken, which looks like an intimidating love child of Street Fighter’s Blanka and The Hulk, was an aromatic and intriguing mixture of sweet, tender and roasty, while elsewhere the fries were delightfully addictive, coated with the kind of wondrous powder you get all over Taiwanese fried chicken. 3.8/5

Milo french toast from Collective Brewers – thick brioche, dipped in Milo egg wash, served with strawberries and butterscotch syrup. Essentially a fair-skinned bland maiden masquerading as an exotic olive-skinned intercontinental beauty, and your eyes and nose hairs would love this more than your tongue. The coating of milo is…