Molten Wings - The RawR KitchenMolten Wings (3pcs) from the newly-opened The Rawr Kitchen, situated deep in the industrial boondocks within The Splendour at Bukit Batok Crescent. Their Facebook page and the menu itself cautions and disclaims the imminent danger involved in taking on these fiery muthas, and after just two bites I can assure you they weren’t gimmicking and fannying around – this is a real holy nightmare.
At first blush, the chili that coats the wings is essentially rojak’s nuttiness meets smoky char kway teow chilli dialled up to eleven. Then, seconds after just one bite of skinned flesh, my hairs started to stand on end, drops of sweat immediately formed on my temples and it felt like Vulcan was trampling on my throbbing tongue with spiky-soled boots and stabbing it with a red-hot pitchfork. Their award-winning wheat beer – the place is a cosy microbrewery-kitchen concept – provides mere seconds of relief, but once the liquid leaves your tongue the chilli returns for more relentless rampaging.
Would I recommend the Molten Wings? As a daredevil challenge or man-drinking forfeit, this is unequivocally the spiciest thing I have put into my mouth in recent years. (The other thing I can remember driving me this crazy was something young ginger from ThaiExpress.) Whether I have the lips – you go from thin-lipped to Shu Qi by the end of the exercise – or stomach to conquer all three wings on my own is another matter. 4/5

Molten Wings - The RawR Kitchen

The RawR Kitchen
31 Bukit Batok Crescent
#02-01 The Splendour
Singapore 658070


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