Superior Lobster Fortune Pot - MitzoSuperior Lobster Fortune Pot from Mitzo – braised lobster in Mao Tai wine, abalone, dried scallop, flower mushroom, sea cucumber, deep-fried fish maw, dried oyster, roast duck, cabbage, lotus root, white radish, roasted pork belly, and fa cai. Quite the blockbuster experience. The roasted pork belly’s skin is gloriously crispy in manner of cracker and pleasingly salty with the belly itself being positively porky juices galore, while the roast duck’s thick, oil-slinky skin with its layer of obscenely glorious fat bodaciously steals all focus from the duck meat itself. Elsewhere, the sea cucumber gamely engages you in an in-mouth gelatinous battle, and the abalone rudely squirts its braised juices like the power diva it is. There’s so much exciting drama here, the ordinarily flamboyant lobster is reduced to a mere player in this ensemble cast. 4.2/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Mitzo. This item is available as part of Mitzo’s 2016 Lunar New Year menu, and is priced at $388+ for regular size and $688+ for large size.

Mitzo Restaurant & Bar
270 Orchard Road
Level 4, Grand Park Orchard
Singapore 238857


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