Aquarium Japone - Henri CharpentierAquarium Japone from Henri Charpentier – matcha, chocolate, white chocolate and yuzu mousse. The chocolate cap over the aquarium – wherein honeycomb, crumble and green tea sponge reside – disintegrates dramatically when hot chocolate is poured over it, and the dessert eventually segues into a green tea take on Eton’s Mess, with a white chocolate Magnum-esque ice cream bar awkwardly shoved into the glass as a finishing touch. The white chocolate is like that mega sensitive, Napoleon complex-ed kid who does whatever necessary to attract attention and feed his starved ego (and succeeds) whilst the yuzu mousse, which has the most personality of them all, is unfortunately relegated to backing vocals. Conceptually sexier than how it was eventually executed. 3.5/5

Aquarium Japone - Henri Charpentier

Aquarium Japone - Henri Charpentier

Henri Charpentier Singapore
9A Dempsey Road
Singapore 247698


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