at MAD Museum of Art & DesignKurobuta pork shabu shabu at MAD Bistro – 12 slices of pork loin and 12 slices of pork belly to cook in bonito broth along with silken tofu, Japanese leek, kanji, vegetables, shiitake and enoki mushrooms, and paired with goma, yuzu and chilli sauces. Menu says the shabu shabu feeds two, but four can easily share and be satisfied. These slices of black piglet are wondrously soft and chewy, and are more efficiently absorbent than Pampers diapers in soaking up the paired sauces. Whilst the chilli sauce was chicken rice-esque and the goma sauce was nicely peanuty, my favourite was indisputably the yuzu sauce, all light and playfully tangy. 4.1/5

[Tasting courtesy of MAD Bistro.]

MAD Bistro at MAD Museum of Art & Design
10 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247908


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