Lychee Prawn - Lin Rooftop BarLychee prawn from Lin Rooftop Bar – chopped tiger prawns sautéed with garlic and stuffed in whole lychee, served on a bed of savoury tomato concasse sauce. The lychees wrap their angel wings around the happily garlicky prawns like a possessive crazy ex-girlfriend, positively smothering the prawns with sweet, sweet love. 3.4/5

Lin Rooftop Bar
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Rooftop, Link Hotel
Singapore 168733


Shawn is a full-time lawyer based in Singapore. Neither a professional critic, blogger nor photographer, Shawn is simply somebody who loves food and luxury hotels very much and (likes to think that he has) a quirky sense of humor. When Shawn is not premature ageing and turning his hair further grey due to stress and vicious deadlines, he is somewhere spending an exorbitant amount of money trying out new dining places and hotels.

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