Over-The-Top Shakes - The BenjaminsOver-The-Top Shakes from the rebranded The Benjamins at Forum – (from left) Nutella Banana, Old School Vanilla and Coffee Avocado.

Over-The-Top Shakes - Old School Vanilla - The BenjaminsThe big afro-ed Scary Spice (you need to update your pop culture references – Editor) is all attention-seeking with its bright hair dye, pink accessory and Nicki Minaj-esque get-up but the milky experience was akin to drowning in the insides of a Hokkaido cow udder. 3/5

Over-The-Top Shakes - Nutella Banana - The BenjaminsElsewhere, the Nutella Banana is positively collapsing under the weight of its own toppings and epitomises the very definitions of “over the top” and “everything and the kitchen sink”. 3.4/5

Over-The-Top Shakes - Coffee Avocado - The BenjaminsThe plainest-looking Jane of the three, the Coffee Avocado, is surprisingly the best of the lot – a robustly-caffeined, gloppy delight. 3.7/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of The Benjamins.

The Benjamins
583 Orchard Road
#01-20/21 Forum Shopping Centre
Singapore 238884


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