Fried Karaage Chicken & Waffles - Little Hiro

“Foot-long” fried karaage chicken & waffles. The white Béchamel sauce reminded me of the vanilla cream in the middle of those long buns we used to get from neighbourhood bakeries, and it went well with the rather dry pancake-esque waffles. The chicken karaage should give tuition to other joints serving fried chicken waffles on how it should be done – it was fit and manageably-sized (in stark contrast to some of the grotesquely gargantuan Hulks served elsewhere, as if we all have the ravenous appetites of starving barbarians), and I enjoyed both the tender, juicy chicken as well as its crispy skin with chewy fat. Somehow, whenever you have a piece of the chicken karaage, the skin part always magically dislodges itself from the meat part whilst in your mouth, thus allowing you to enjoy experiencing both chew textures each time. 3.8/5

[Tasting courtesy of Little Hiro.]

Little Hiro
559 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269695


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