gastrosmiths singapore


Fisherman’s Mee Sua from Gastrosmiths – seafood medley, homemade scampi bisque, signature-style mee sua. Essentially the mee siam-esque gustatory equivalent of a breathtakingly beautiful and Dior-perfumed blogger who does pilates, eats walnuts and edamame as midday snacks and replies to everything with vapid three word utterances. Notwithstanding, the scallops had…

Sea-ly eggs from Gastrosmiths – smoked salmon, pickled nori, chilli oil. Essentially soft slices of smoked salmon soaking lazily in kopitiam-esque soft boiled egg. Elsewhere, the chilli oil would cheekily engage you in a game of Where’s Wally. 3.7/5 Gastrosmiths 103 Beach Road Tan Quee Lan Street Singapore 189704