The UTW (“Under Ten Words”): Nautical-themed, neighbourhood-style dining space with something for everyone.

The must-orders (if any): Smokin’ Sambal Pasta, Jasmine Peach Panna Cotta

Summary: From the folks behind the EagleWings (a yacht charter), Eaglewings Loft is a blue nautical-themed, neighbourhood-style all-day dining space with a very, very extensive menu – Coffee! Breakfast! Appetisers! Western! Southeast Asian delights! High tea! Pasta! Pizzas! Desserts! Alcohol, cocktails and mocktails! – that would satisfy most conceivable types of guests, from Sixth Avenue families to Chinese High boys alike.

The generously oiled pastas (e.g. Signature Aglio Olio, Smokin’ Sambal) show promise – the enjoyment quotient would exponentially jump if the seafood selection were less NTUC and more Jason’s The Gourmet Grocer – whilst elsewhere, the Jasmine Panna Cotta felt curiously out of place, a simple yet classy and stupendously refreshing creation that could easily slot into a posh fine dining meal. I drink like a sailor and am fairly desensitised to the charms of Hello Kitty cocktails, but the basic yet generously vodka-ed and very pretty Mint Frohito was strangely satisfying. If I still donned my triangle badge and green shorts, this would be a drink that would give me illicit drunken life.

Eaglewings Loft may exactly not be destination dining, Instagram-friendly or in any way trendy or hip, but for all its family-style, humble and charmingly old-fashioned stylings, it was a happy dinner experience. I would be back to explore all the yet-to-be-unlocked items in the extensive menu, if only out of curiosity.

Chicken Diavola - Eaglewings LoftChicken Diavola – piping hot golden chicken crisps seasoned with garlic, paprika, salt and pepper ($8).

Signature Aglio Olio - Eaglewings LoftSignature Aglio Olio Spaghetti ($18).

Smokin' Sambal Seafood Pasta - Eaglewings LoftSmokin’ Sambal pasta, with choice of spaghetti and seafood ($18).

Jasmine Peach Panna Cotta - Eaglewings LoftJasmine Peach Panna Cotta – panna cotta with white peach glaze, ume soil, topped with jasmine tea sorbet ($12).

Chocolate Cherry Dome - Eaglewings LoftChocolate Cherry Dome – chocolate cake with berries compote, strawberries and meringue ($14).

Mint Frohito - Eaglewings LoftMint Frohito – vodka, lime juice, Gifford syrup, lemon fruit, mint leaves ($15).

Grade: For a neighbourhood-style concept, a solid B3.

Eaglewings Loft
9 King Albert Park
#01-14/33/34/56/57 King Albert Park Residences Mall
Singapore 598332


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