Surume Squid - Zipang Japanese Dining BarJust thinking about this Stir-Fried Surume Squid and Leek in Squid Liver Sauce that I had sixty-nine zippyzipengs ago at Zipang Japanese Dining Bar, a new concept launching behind Concorde Hotel. (“Zipang” actually means “Japan” in old language.) The menu is extensive and includes izayaka fare (grilled fish, skewers) and various noodle (ramen, soba) and rice (kamameshi, curry rice) dishes at a fairly seductive price point. The chirashi don was a Teppei-esque banger, the sake-steamed asari clam soup was a leeky surprise, and I know I will return very soon.

Here, the confidently crunchy and chewy squid lazed around in an intensely flavoured, buttery and salty sauce, not one bit ashamed of its strong prehistoric squid essence. 4/5

Zipang Japanese Dining Bar
28 Cavenagh Road #01-05
Singapore 229635


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