Pettite France – Mad About Sucre

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Pettite France - Mad About SucrePettite France (French whisky, cream, honey, almond, spiced sable, almond crispy crepes, apricot, mascarpone) from Mad About Sucre’s newly-launched Autumn/Winter cake collection. The nutty and indulgently rich dome was a Tang Wei and Tony Leung-esque filthy romp between roasty, thick and creamy almond nougat and milky, unflinchingly drunken homemade French whisky (ie Baileys). Elsewhere, the sour apricot insert lurked surreptitiously in the background and the crumbly base played it like a delectable salty peanut biscuit. 4.2/5

Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road
Singapore 088334

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