Squid Ink Udon – Boruto Singapore

In Japanese, Mod/Fusion

Squid Ink Udon - Boruto SingaporeUdon from Hyogo braised with squid ink stock, topped with firefly squid and yuzu molecules from Boruto’s Hidden Gems of Kansai menu. The squid ink udon plays like a slinky pasta but retains udon’s slurp suction qualities while elsewhere the dish feels like a tribute to explosive squirts, with the yuzu molecules and ikura offering citrusy and salty juices to the proceedings and the squid heads readily ejecting a most delectable goo within your mouth upon bite. 4/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Boruto Singapore. The Hidden Gems of Kansai promotion – which lasts three months – includes a $98 six-course set dinner, a la carte tapas based on Kansai seasonal produce and sake from the Kansai region.

Boruto Singapore
80 South Bridge Road
#01-01 Golden Castle Building
Singapore 058710

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