Mini Choux Platter – Ollella

In Dessert, Pastry

Mini Choux Platter - OllellaMini Choux Platter from Ollella – Matcha Azuki, Dark Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, Tiramisu, Raspberry, Vanilla, Lemon Meringue. Generally appealing if you select flavours which reveal the choux’s texturality with minimal distraction. Whilst the crumbly Apple Cinnamon was positively pregnant with sweet apple chunks and the appealingly aromatic Tiramisu had a soft, drunkenly wet secret, the Lemon Meringue’s external meringue and internal lemon curd core meld together upon bite into an unmanageable sweet and sour goofest. 3.8/5

3 Petain Road
Singapore 208108

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