Buah Keluak Pasta – Shen Tan’s Pop-Up At Joan Bowen Cafe

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Buah Keluak Pasta - Shen Tan's Pop-Up At Joan Bowen CafeBuah keluak pasta from Chef Shen Tan’s pop-up at Joan Bowen Cafe – buah keluak cooked with turmeric, blue ginger, garlic and shallots, minced pork and prawns, twice cooked pork belly. Every inch of well-lubricated pasta is positively slathered with the glorious black paste, which is simultaneously nuanced and forthcoming in its running quite the gamut of mouthly sensations – bitter, umami, salty, padi spicy. The pork belly is toe-curlingly marvellous, but even as my teeth were giving one slice a pleasurable grind, I was already planning my next forkful of ebony treasure. Ridiculously memorable and addictive. 4.4/5

This was a hosted meal courtesy of Joan Bowen Cafe, a social enterprise situated in MacPherson that is run almost entirely by staff with special needs. Shen Tan’s pop-up launches 15 April 2016 and runs for three months, and you can expect delectable local flavours-inspired creations such as Grilled Laksa Salad, Bak Chor Mee Pasta, Nasi Lemak with Crispy Chicken and Chef’s Shen Tan’s signature Shendol – no prizes for guessing what that is. You can call 62813629 or email Jeanne@JoanBowen.com for reservations.

Joan Bowen Cafe
9 Jalan Wangi
Singapore 349354

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