Deep Fried Kai Lan Leaves – Fu Li Seafood

In Local Fare, Vegetables

Deep Fried Kai Lan Leaves - Fu Li Seafood Deep fried kai lan leaves (“三松芥兰”) from Fu Li Seafood, the zichar stall at Choh Dee Place, Blk 233 Yishun Street 21. Like spotting a hippo wearing a bright yellow undersized bikini, you’d be pleasantly startled by how marvellously amazing and addictive the crunchy and chewy combination of deep fried kai lan leaves and meat floss is, whilst elsewhere the stalks’ sole purpose seemed to be for reminding you that you are consuming a vegetable dish. 4.1/5

Yishun 233 (Fu Li) Seafood 富俐海鲜
233 Yishun Street 21
#01-472 Choh Dee Place
Singapore 760233

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