Kuroson Tempura Don – Ginza Kuroson (Takashimaya)

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Kuroson Tempura Don - Ginza Kuroson (Takashimaya)Kuroson Tempura Don from Ginza Kuroson (Takashimaya) – pumpkin, seaweed, shiso leaf, mushroom, fish, calamari and prawn tempura on a bed of rice. The tempura portion was surprisingly generous and wonderfully varied in type, and the batter always remained on the right side of fried. 4/5

P.S. I don’t normally rave about a venue within a dish review but damn, this place is wonderful. Apart from the nicely priced lunch donburi sets available every day, there was a separate teppanyaki room, a massive bar counter with fresh fish displayed for your picking in manner of a fish market, and nice and cosy VIP rooms with sliding doors for your use (only in some circumstances would a minimum spending be required, otherwise it is totally free like a Eurasian Tree Sparrow in the Botanic Gardens sky). I felt so pampered and fancy getting a VIP room for my meal with friends on a Sunday afternoon…without having to spend a lot!

Ginza Kuroson (Takashimaya)
391 Orchard Road
Level 3 Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873

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