I love alcoholic desserts. I have tried many alcoholic desserts. I want to share these alcoholic desserts with you. There are jams, lava cakes, soups, sorbet cocktails, apple pies, mille crepe cakes…whatever you’re into, whatever you like, pick your poison.

Secret Life of Fatbacks proudly presents: 20 alcoholic desserts in Singapore for your alcoholic pleasure. Lovingly curated and prepared, this is my valentine to all the degenerate drunks out there.

1. For Breakfast (or For Ah Gong and Ah Ma)

Photo 4-4-15 2 22 22 pmLover’s Set from Gobi Desserts – toast served with orange-pear, red and white dragonfruit fruit enzyme jams, and pineapple and red dragonfruit fruit enzyme shots. Essentially breakfast for grandfathers and grandmothers who are degenerate drunks. Whilst the white dragonfruit jam does not betray any overt signs of delinquency, the other elements should definitely be sent to detention – the orange-pear jam is essentially a tipsy citrusy jam, the pineapple shot is reminiscent of Japanese sake, whilst both the red dragonfruit jam and shot taste like kinky puréed berries. A startlingly novel and rather fantastic concept one should try at least once (on a Sunday morning for the full drunk-in-the-morning experience). 4/5 [Original Review]

2. For Those Who Like Cakes

San Domingue from Mad About Sucre – a jewel box with rum emulsion, chocolate mousse, caramelized plantain and a Brittany crust. Essentially the chocolatey equivalent of Christmas morning. The jewel box reveals liquid rum emulsion by way of in-mouth squirtage once you bite it, and you get to chew the chocolate box with the naughty fluid still swishing around. The relatively bitter chocolate mousse ball has an ice cream-esque texture, and hides a secret caramelized banana centre that is more fruit than mush. Flawlessly executed. 4.3/5 [Original Review]

3. For Those Who Like Tiramisu

Tiramisu from Artistry. Very potent, and very wet. 4.25/5 [Original Review]

4. For Rum Lovers

Baba au Rhum - SugarhallBaba au Rhum with jamaican rum syrup and whipped cream from Sugarhall. Sugarhall is all about the rum, and here they certainly don’t hold back – the rum is generously present (I’ve been to stingier joints where they probably use one squirt from a pipette or similar science class apparatus) with the soft yeast cake being positively soaked in the stuff, with some excess on the plate you can spoon. Intoxicatingly good. 4/5 [Original Review]

5. For Overworked Shentonistas in the CBD

Strawberry Sorbet with Prosecco - Plus39 Gelato BarStrawberry sorbet served with prosecco from Plus39 Gelato Bar. Essentially a valentine to the Rossini cocktail. The strawberry sorbet was sublime, and truly tasted like (icy) fresh puréed strawberries…or that could be what my rather buzzed mind was telling me, as the prosecco was as ruthlessly efficient as a ninja in accomplishing its mission to make me really, really happy. 4.2/5 [Original Review]

6. For Those Who Like Lava Cakes

Chocolate molten lava cake, flambé with Sambuca and Grand Marnier and served with vanilla ice cream from Woods by The Wine Company. The cake was fairly competent and the lava thick and oozy, but the alcohol – two separate glasses brought to the table and poured over the cake in a tragic flop of a pyrotechnic display due to the cold aircon – floated very discretely on the plate, getting you really buzzy but never truly gelling organically with the chocolate cake and lava. Next time I’d get the lava cake alone and one (or four) of their affordable $9.90 wine options. 3.7/5 [Original Review]

7. For Berry Lovers

Omelette Norvégienne (Baked Alaska) - AntoinetteOmelette Norvégienne from Antoinette – vanilla ice cream with “griotte” cherries cooked in kirsch, orange confit and almond nougatine, enveloped in a torched blackcurrant meringue and flamed Grand Marnier poured over. A competent competitor to Henri Charpentier in the arsonist dessert stakes. The lights above your table are switched off as Grand Marnier set ablaze cascades down in a ghostly blue waterfall over your massive purple meringue. The ice cream and very wince-worthily sour cherries are perfunctory and mere wallpaper to the blackcurrant meringue, which was essentially a giant goop of inebriating, berry-sweet pleasure. 4/5 [Original Review]

8. For Those Who Believe in Fairy Tales

Snow White in the Blackforest - Halia (Singapore Botanic Gardens)Snow White in the Blackforest from Halia (Singapore Botanic Gardens) – fresh red apple sorbet in a white chocolate casing, kirsch marinated cherries, dark choux branch, chocolate crumble, whipped cream and castor sugar soil. So jawdroppingly, show-stoppingly gorgeous a concept that the food could have been shit and all would have forgiven, but I was really in for a treat. The juicy cherries were so wet with alcohol you suddenly see a possible alternative explanation behind Snow White’s slumber and why she only woke up with a Prince’s kiss (tsk, that saucy minx).  The airy choux branch was lightly salty, and they weren’t kidding about the freshness of said apple. A must-try for dessert lovers. 4.4/5 [Original Review]

9. For Underaged Schoolchildren

Photo 9-4-15 8 22 46 pmGrapefruit Dome from Concetto – a dome of orange and grapefruit, served with lemon meringue, grapefruit confit, honey mint sorbet and Grand Marnier. Essentially the perfect dessert for a hypothetical Preparation for Adult Modern Dining class for junior college/polytechnic students, at a price point suited for the same and an NC16 level of alcohol for that added grown-up sexiness. A citrusy swirl of bitter, tart and sweet flavours, this was a wonderfully refreshing treat for the throat. 4/5 [Original Review]

10. For Manly Beer Drinkers

Photo 18-4-15 8 40 27 pmMadagascan vanilla ice cream with Guinness draught and Créme de Mure from The Naked FinnThe vanilla ice cream sinks and melts with greater haste than Road Runner from the Looney Tunes, so you essentially get a very boozy, fizzy alcoholic milkshake. 3.8/5 [Original Review]

11. For Those Who Like to Drink Soup

Tip of the Iceberg from The Garden Slug – slow-melting vanilla bean gelato iceberg afloat in Baileys and Kahlua soup, crusted with Nutella rocks and nut crunch. When was the last time you drank creamy alcohol from a bowl with a spoon? To misquote a recent sitcom episode: “I am making out with (it) so hard in my mind right now.” 4.5/5 [Original Review]

12. For Those Who Like Oranges

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetFlower Temptation from Henri Charpentier – sautéed pineapple and two types of chocolate mousse beneath a flower-shaped sugar bowl, which is flambéed with orange liqueur. Much of the bill goes towards paying for the glorious pyrotechnics performed right at your very own table, as well as for the copious amounts of liqueur that, when you carefully break the glass-sharp sugar bowl, cascade marvelously all over the mousse and pineapple. You will get buzzed. 4.5/5 [Original Review]

13. For Those Who Like Pies

Coconut vodka lime pie from Windowsill Pies. Essentially a lime tart with a curd that is sweet enough such that your mouth doesn’t violently react to the sour (but the lime is there if you crave for such pleasant oral torture), but then you discover the innocuous jelly cubes made from vodka shots (!!) hiding in the boot, and then the party goes from Yogi bears and forest picnics to sarong party girls and a totally different kind of dark forest experience. As for the coconut, its left thigh makes a guest appearance in the cream. 4/5 [Original Review]

14. For Sharing With Sex & The City-esque Girlfriends

Cassis Plum 梅カシス from 2am: Dessert Bar ー cassis bombe, elderflower yogurt foam, plum liqueur, and bamboo shoots. Like the gorgeous girl that initially dazzles and has a promising start, but who eventually falters as you realise it’s all make-up magic and she doesn’t have the substance and personality underneath all that glacial beauty. Love that it was pretty alcoholic though! 3.5/5 [Original Review]

15. For Black Forest Lovers

Black Forest Cake - Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-CaféBlack Forest Cake from Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café. Don’t let the innocuous synthetic cherry at the top fool you – the hardcore soaked cherries were hidden within and so potent I was beside myself with delirious delight. A biscuit crumbly base added some crunchy bite in an otherwise totally soft cake. Definitely one of the best Black Forest items around. 4.2/5 [Original Review]

16. For Those Who Like French Pastries

Tarte Aux Pommes Minute - L'AngelusLast minute cooked apple pie, cinnamon ice cream, and calvados (apple brandy) from L’Angelus. Essentially a delightful puff pastry which had a prior good roll in a bed of sugar granules. The cinnamon ice cream was rather spicy, the apple brandy appreciatedly strong and the caramel-esque sauce added sweet gooeyness to the pie pastry. Interestingly, the presence here of actual apples is somewhat muted….but you wouldn’t notice much. 4/5 [Original Review]

17.  For Fans of Mille Crepe Cakes

Brandied Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake - The Udder PancakeBrandied chocolate mille crepe cake from The Udder Pancake. Essentially a chocolate-flavoured crepe-y cake with distinct layers, served with a syringe of brandy for a small dose of syrupy brandy over the cake if you are a clutch pearl type of prude, or for rampant squirtage if you are a degenerate drunk. 3.6/5 [Original Review]

18. For Those Who Like In-mouth Explosions

Mojito cocktail sphere with grapefruit rind and lime zest from Fatcat Ice Cream Bar. Felt like a glitzy, oversized version of those flavoured “pop” balls in beverages that explode upon bite, only naughtier and more insidious – you get a citrusy grand explosion with little hint of its alcoholic intentions whilst it swirls in your mouth, but within seconds blood rushes to your head and you get that buzzy sensation and a lust for dubstep and head-bobbing that feels oh-so-strange given it’s 2pm in the afternoon. 3.75/5 [Original Review]

19. For Coffee Drinkers

Affogato Amaretto - HaliaAffogato amaretto from Halia (Singapore Botanic Gardens) – vanilla ice cream, amaretto liqueur, hot espresso. The hot espresso is poured at your table, with some leftover if you wish to (further) feed your caffeine addiction. They certainly do not hold back on the liqueur – the distinct taste of amaretto is present in each spoonful of the smooth affogato. The combination of the heady amaretto, the creamy vanilla ice cream and the warm, bitter espresso makes for one heck of a dessert to enjoy whilst admiring bulbous gingers and birds of paradise, and immersing in the symphony of foreign tongues, baby squeals and camera clicks. 4/5 [Original Review]

20. For Pyromaniacs (or for Date Night)

Dome - Henri CharpentierDome from Henri Charpentier – a chocolate sphere encloses a chocolate parfait biscuit of fraise d’amande. Essentially a bewitching combination of pyrotechnics, hazelnut biscuit, strawberry sauce and a very good Magnum-esque chocolate shell. The strawberry liquor is, like the Dome pictured above, quite the proverbial “blue baller” – you immediately experience the heady effects, but once the dessert is finished you are not quite buzzed. 4/5 [Original Review]

Are there any other noteworthy alcoholic desserts in Singapore which I should try?



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